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Introducing Dreamz Pathshala Mobile App – Your Institute at Your Fingertips!


We are excited to introduce the Dreamz Pathshala Mobile App, a powerful tool designed to enhance your institute experience by providing easy access to essential information and services. With this app, you can effortlessly stay on top of your child’s education and institute-related activities, all from the convenience of your smartphone …

Drawback of Rote Learning


#SayNoToRoteLearning  #UnderstandDontMemorize #CriticalThinkingMatters #CreativityOverRote #LearningRetentionNeeded #StressOfRoteLearning #FutureReadySkills #RevampEducation #BeyondRoteLearning   Rote learning is a memorization technique that involves repeating information until it is committed to memory without understanding the concepts behind it. The drawback of rote learning are:  Limited Learning: Rote learning focuses on memorizing information rather than understanding it. …

Some Problems in the Indian Higher Secondary Education System


#RoteLearningWoes #AccessToEducationMatters #OutdatedCurriculumAlert #TeachersMatterMost #TestingStress #InfrastructureIssues #GenderGapinEducation

Rote Learning:
The Indian education system focuses heavily on rote learning, which means memorizing information without understanding it. This approach can stifle creativity and critical thinking skills.

Limited Access:
A significant proportion of the Indian population, especially in rural areas, does not have access to quality higher secondary education. This limits their opportunities for growth and development.


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